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South Africa's Wounds

A Prophetic Word

Our friend Chis Westhoff had this prophetic word for us as SA recently…

"I saw a picture of Jesus walking through the wall into the upper room and showing His wounds to Thomas.  In this moment, Jesus is resurrected in glory but still has his wounds. I believe He is saying that this is South Africa - this nation is resurrected yet still has its wounds. You are carrying both within you...  and it is beautiful, powerful, and able to walk through walls. 

He beautifies the afflicted; He dignifies your wounds. 

Your wounds do not diminish the resurrection you carry. 

You stand in resurrected glory while holding your wounds out to be touched, felt, and seen. 

Jesus still walks through walls in South Africa. Nothing will stop His plans and purposes for this nation. No government can stop what He has for this nation. Have no fear! No elections can stop Him, and no man can alter His plans."

A future with no obstacles

I have read it over and over again, and each time I’m stuck on the wounds and the resurrection that we carry as the nation. Yes(!) we have a painful history and many of us bear the scars of apartheid in our past, but there is resurrection too carrying us into the future! a future with no obstacles(!) like impenetrable walls or challenges that are too complex to solve as we carry within us the ability to walk throughs walls meaning finding solutions for impossible situations in Christ Jesus!

So, go on South Africa...

don’t be ashamed of your past no matter which side of the fence you were on, pick up your wounds and the resurrection that is in Christ Jesus and bring transformation to this nation!

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