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Our Calling is to resource and bless the body of Christ with resources that help along the journey towards 24-7, 365 day/year prayer. The goal is to revive the church and to rewire culture through prayer. These resources are free and can be accessed for download/streaming.

24-7 Prayer International Website

The Prayer Course

An 8 week course through the Lord's prayer.

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The Prayer Course II

An opportunity to process life’s most painful questions.


Be Still Series

Five free videos and discussion guides based on Be Still: A Simple Guide to Quiet Times, the new book from Brian Heasley. The Be Still series will equip you and your community to learn how to develop a regular rhythm and deeper daily relationship with God.

How to be (Un)Successful

How to Be (Un)Successful explores humanity’s elusive search for the wrong sort of success, and how Jesus’ life and teachings are the perfect antidote. Success is attainable – not in what we have but in how we live. This book and the 6-session study series looks at how Jesus invites us to experience a success that truly satisfies our souls.

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