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  • Nkosinathi Muyazi

Post Election Prayer

As South Africans we have a lot to be thankful for this week. We have just witnessed yet another peaceful national election, and the final result was announced by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on Sunday evening and accepted by President Cyril Ramaphosa.


What is clear though, is that South Africa has emerged from these elections with an unfamiliar political challenge… For the first time since the dawn of democracy in 1994, the ANC has failed to win the election by more than 50% of the vote This means that they (ANC) need the help of one or more opposition parties to constitute the new government, since a 50 + 1% majority is required for this to happen.


This week, therefore, is critical as the ANC is currently caucusing behind closed doors on which of the opposition parties to approach with an offer to form a coalition government, which the media and political analysts are referring to as the Government of National Unity (GNU).


Whilst all this is taking place, the MK Party which got the 3rd highest number of votes and is a breakaway formation from the ANC, is threatening to boycott any process of the new government formation. MK Party is claiming that they should have won the election by a greater margin than the results currently show, both in KZN, where they emerged as the highest contestants, and nationally. They are demanding a re-run of the elections or else...! This position by the MK Party raises a lot of fears for the general population of SA. Not so long ago, we witnessed wide spread violence breaking out in KZN when Jacob Zuma, the now leader of MK Party and the former president of SA was arrested and jailed for refusing to appear before the State Capture Commission after being summoned by the Constitutional court. During this period of wide spread violence in KZN, people looted businesses and warehouses and some lost their lives as violent clashes in communities occurred and all this had been incited by Jacob Zuma sympathisers.


The conclusion then is that along with the high anticipation for a new government of national unity, signifying South Africa’s maturing democracy, there is a lot of fear and concerns of violence breaking out especially in KZN.


How then do we as South Africans and especially those within the church community respond at a time such as this?


1Peter 5:5 All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because,

“God opposes the proud but shows favour to the humble.” Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


The word “humble” in the scripture above, according to the English dictionary, is from the Latin word humilis meaning ‘low, lowly’, which originates from humus meaning ‘ground’. So, 1 Peter 5 literally calls the church to get down low down to the ground – this is a clear call to prayer. The invitation for us is to cast all our anxiety on God because he cares for us and in due time He will lift us up, he will answer our prayers! We are not to quarrel, not to be in fear, not to look down upon anyone because of their political leanings, but to PRAY!


A Prayer For South Africa


“Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be your name, Your will be done over South Africa as it is in Heaven.


Lord we pray that you will bless our nation with peace at this time. Bring to nothing the plans of the evil one who is roaring like a lion seeking those who are bloodthirsty to use them to incite and carry out violence across our nation.


Lord save us from fear and anxiety over the future of our government, for the battle is not ours, but Yours!


Draw us, as the church, near to you Lord, bring us down low to the ground in prayer and give us a heart for the salvation of all the people of South Africa.


We pray for the leaders of our nation, even those that lead and represent the various political parties, that none of them will want to lead for personal gain, but that they will lead as those entrusted by the Lord to lead His people for the collective blessing of South Africa.


Let your Holy Spirit preside over every discussion right now on coalitions and unity amongst the political parties so that a government whose heart is to reconcile, unite, and serve our nation may emerge.


We pray all this in the name of our Lord Jesus, AMEN.”


You may also want to pray as a small group or as a church during this time, 24-7 Prayer has prepared some resources to help guide you as you set up a prayer space for elections that you might find helpful. Activities to help you pray and a prayer guide is available for download at:

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