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  • Matt Lewis

Architects of Apartheid

A little clip from the conversation with @langambonambi on #thefollowerpodcast on the One Heart Journey - Praying for Reconciliation and Oneness.

As Matt Lewis wrote:

"It’s got me thinking about how intentional I’m willing to be to see the world I pray for in private work its way out in public or, as my friends at @247prayersa say:

How do I go where my best prayers take me?"

We do not accidentally fall into hate.

We are shaped to hate by a world bent in on itself. Systems, structures and stories warp our worlds until we are, in subtle and not so subtle ways, complicit in the sickness from which we need deliverance.

This is sobering and it is hopeful. If we can be taught to hate, to fear, to disregard our neighbor, we can be taught to love.

There is a far older, far better, far more powerful story humbly at work in our world washing all things new with its healing waters. We are invited to swim in its life-giving depths.

When we do we find that sin-stained souls really can be washed clean. With enough time in the currents of grace we are not only healed, we are made into healers.

But here is the rub, we must choose which waters we will swim in. There are no accidental saints, nor does chaos gravitate toward order.

The same intentionality that set out to drive us apart, must be used to bring us together.

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